Alabama Logo Design, Creative Business Logo Designing Firm

There are several symbolic features in Alabama that you can associate your business with. A good example is the state bird, the Yellowhammer which is a woodpecker. This is one of the most well known woodpeckers in the state. If you business pertains to nature or conservation, the Yellowhammer would be the ideal symbol to use for your Alabama logo design.Alternatively, you can also use the Camellia, which is the state flower. This is also a well recognized symbol and will lend much credibility to your business.

Those businesses in Alabama that are involved with the lakes and fishing industry of the state, can use the largemouth bass designs for their logos. The largemouth bass is the official freshwater fish of Alabama, and can conveniently be used in the logo designs for bait shops, boat shops, and marine clubs or facilities.

Other options for designing logo designs in Alabama, which are reflective about Alabama could be the nicknames or phrases that are associated with the state. Alabama is famously known as the ‘Heart of Dixie’, and many people in the Southern part of the United States have a sentimental attachment to anything that makes use of the term Dixie.