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7 Secrets for Designing the Best Real Estate Logo

June 25, 2014 Eme

When designing real estate logos, you might have some difficulties coming up with original images that foster strong communication with potential clients. The reality in navigating how to design best real estate logo design is not as hard as you might think – once you get the hang of it and know what to include and what to avoid. Many businesses fall into certain traps when deciding on custom real estate logo design. Here are a few tips and ideas on dos and don’ts to help cultivate an artful, yet professional real estate logo.


  1. Do use original patterns and graphics to represent your real estate business within a logo. This helps the business stand out from the rest and become more memorable in the mind of the viewers. Graphics like shapes or origami-style symbols can help maintain the general culture of the real estate logo, while adding a unique flair to its communication.
  2. Do experiment with textual fonts. Incorporating different fonts and designs within those fonts into a custom real estate logo design can help purvey the real estate business’s culture and personality to the public.
  3. Do experiment with colors. If you are wondering how to design best real estate logo, colors can help the design pop with personality and add a sense of modern creativity.
  4. Do think outside the box in all aspects of your design work. As with all logo designs, potential clients need a memorable visual that stands out and begs for them to take notice.


  1. Don’t limit yourself to color palette when representing the real estate business. While the  logo colors can help the images and fonts pop, the design should not rely on the color alone to grab attention.
  2. Don’t use clichéd images and graphics. Some of the main staples of real estate logos are overused – images like houses and rooftops. When deciding upon what images to use in custom real estate logo design, avoid the things you see on a day to day basis, because these graphics are commonplace and have little appeal.
  3. Don’t get discouraged if the company for which you are designing the logo does not like your design. Understand what they represent, and explain to them how to design best real estate logo and the requirements of such. Explain how the design idea might fit into their brand after all or go back to the drawing board with another original plan.

Create your real estate logo design to make a powerful statement about the company for which it stands. Check the best online casino Canada –! Use a blend of original vectors, attention-grabbing colors, and expressive fonts to help purvey the culture of the company, and draw in the eyes of those who look at it. Figure out how to piece these elements together to communicate professionalism with a modernistic flair. Most of all, remember to provide the brand with a sense of unique identity through the appearance of the logo design. The logo should help the real estate company stand strongly in a proclamation of superior service and extensive knowledge of the trade.


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