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Creative Ideas for Designing Business Cards

July 9, 2014 Eme

If you are thinking about designing a business card, remember that the key to drawing in business from it lies in designing it so that the receiver does not throw it away after you hand it out. Design a business card that is way too cool and functional to toss in the garbage can. There are many ways to go about this designing task, and you get to show just how creative your business is through the simple process of business card designing. Here are a few ideas to help your brainstorming process that can spur a great business card that draws in more attention and business from clients and potentials.
Vigneshr has shown some of unconventional business cards on mashable

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Visual Appeal of a Business Card

They key to strong visual appeal in business card design is simplistic, original graphics and fonts that that display your business’s personality and individual culture. This helps your clientele get an idea about what makes your business unique and successful. Consider what kind of business you run, and what types of fonts or colors could speak from that type of business. For instance, if you run a fashion boutique that caters to women in their thirties and fourties, you could use vibrant pinks or blues, and a cursive font to communicate classy but edgy fashions. If your boutique caters to a younger crowd, a black background with strong, neon colors and a simplistic font communicates edge and modern appeal. When selecting graphics, get creative and use a vector that is not just some run-of-the-mill idea overused my multiple businesses providing similar products. Craft an image that has duality in communicating what kind of business it represents and presenting the overall personality of the brand.

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Contrast is also a feature in business card designing that can draw great interest from the viewer. For instance, having a black background with white font is eye-catching. You can implement this in numerous ways. This is a possibility with many colors – neon blue to a lighter softer blue, or pink to purple. Instead of fading, you could also make one half of the lettering one color and the other half a different, but similar color. Apply this feature to your image vector as well, as it potentially adds an original touch to your aesthetics. The possibilities are endless, as long as you design a business card with uniform aesthetics that are not tacky or too difficult for your audience to read.

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Functionality of a Business Card

A way to guarantee that your business card does not end up in a trash heap is to implement a function to the card. You could design a business card that doubles as a book mark, a paper clip, or a magnet. This is a good route to take if you want to ensure that your business card designing does not go unnoticed. The people you give the card to can use it for something, so that every time they go to the refrigerator, open a book, or pick up a stack of papers, they see your information and are reminded of your business’s existence, what it provides, and how to contact it. The more an individual sees the information, the more likely the person is to use the information or, at the very least, spread word to someone else. What better way to ensure this happening than making your card into a gadget?


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Other cool gadget ideas include designing your card into a small ruler, or making it into a pocket comb. One company created their card as a mini cheese grater. Another crafted theirs into a bottle opener. Other ideas include a key chain, an air-freshener to hang on the rearview mirror of a car, or a sticker. The possibilities are endless, and the results could be amazing. When you provide your audience with a tool that they can use on a daily basis, or an interesting decoration that everyone can see, you stand a far greater chance of a larger audience seeing your information and spreading the word about your company. Plus, the functionality of the business card communicates the functionality and creativity of your business, portraying your brand as innovative and useful, as well as aesthetically appealing.

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