How to Design a Business Card

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May 16, 2014 Eme

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When you decide to design a business card to hand out to potential customers, you probably already know the basics of what information to include. It seems pretty cut and dry: company name, contact information, your name as a representative, and maybe the motto. You’re done, now, right? Wrong! Business card design is another element of your company’s brand identity – one of the unique aesthetic features that your target audience will eventually associate with your brand as a whole. Think of it as a miniature brochure that your customers can fit into their wallet. You need to put lots of thorough thought into its design and how to make it stand out so that your customers will always reach for it whenever they require the service you offer.


Purpose of Business Card Designing

Your business card makes for an excellent marketing opportunity. Thus, you have a responsibility to make it memorable and unique to make a potential customer transform into a steady client. When you design a business card, your main goals should be to provide the individuals receiving these cards with the incentive to check out your service or product, and to create a greater brand circumference. Remember how your logo provides the basis for your company’s identity and brand? Well, your business card provides you with the opportunity to empower those areas, and give your customer an individualistic experience that opens up a space for discussion with either your or another representative.
Therefore, business card designing adds a more personal touch to your marketing and advertising strategy, and the card-product itself opens up communication. Your business card design should demonstrate this. But how do you make it stick out to your target audience in a world where business cards are the norm?


Get Your Business Card Noticed

The first element to take under consideration is the business card design itself. Make it original, and let it speak for you when the potential customer is not around an actual representative. You can do so much more than just the typical rectangular design with your business logo design and contact information thrown onto it. Here are some ideas that you might want to run with when designing your business card:
– Provide the card with a purpose. Make it a magnet, a bookmark, or a sticker. This way, potential customers can place your card in an area where they have more opportunity to notice it.
– Create an original card shape. If you have a photography company, you could use a card shaped like a small camera. If you run an automotive repair service, shape your card like a truck or a car. Think of a simplistic shape that defines an aesthetic piece of your product or service’s identity and use it for the shape.
– Give your potentials incentive to use your product or service when you give them the card. For instance, design your business card into a hole-punch format. This way, every time your customers use your service, they get a hole punched into the card. After about ten punches, they receive a free service or product. Another way to use this idea includes asking them to contact the representative on the card directly or visit the website for a discount.
– Create a distinctive and memorable business card design when choosing a layout. Use colors and fonts that form a cohesive well put-together appearance, yet pop out! Play around with these details, as well as the layout of your choice in the text, graphics and logo so that all elements maintain aesthetic appeal.
Select a design program that allows you to utilize multiple options, such as Adobe. When you finish the creation process, find a dependable and knowledgeable printer within your vicinity to compare prices and printing abilities. Ensure their technical qualifications and discuss what final file-type they require for printing, such as PDF, AI, or EPS. Don’t forget to ask about the options for special finishes and textures to provide your card with added flare. Finally, remember cost effectiveness is the key and printing larger quantities might prove cheaper as a whole than just printing a few.
Now you have some ideas on where to start and what to look for. Time to brainstorm and find out what look is best for you company’s business card design. Take a look at other business cards representing similar services to find out what is out there and how to stand out among these similar services for designing the final form.

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