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Reasons for Choosing a Web 2.0 Design

June 27, 2014 Eme

With the aggressive expansion of technology came the evolution and adaption of marketing strategies, thus recreating the way that we craft brand identity. Logo design is no exception, and recently a new means of creating logos on the web came about that can impact the logo as a facilitator for visual communication for branding. This new method of logo design is called web 2.0 logo design. This method relies more heavily on computerized graphics, colors, and fonts, which can improve the range and the quality that your logo conveys – right down to the last detail. Here are some of the benefits you can reap and ways to get started when looking into web 2.0 design.

Benefits of Web 2.0 Design

If you do a Google image search on web 2.0 logo design against a search of typical logo designs, you will understand why web 2.0 can one-up other methods. The colors are brighter and the graphics are more detailed and clear. In other words, you get a cleaner version of visuals. Some of the best web 2.0 logos show a range of shading and shadowing that could not be attained with the old methods of logo design. Web 2.0 logo examples display lighting and shading much better, refining the image and adding a subtle and more realistic appeal to the logo itself. Other features you can implement include a glossy finish in appearance or reflective surface – all digitally implemented. Sites such as Word press, YouTube, Google, Pandora, and Wikipedia all showcase the web 2.0 logo examples, and are very successful and well-known sites.

The secret lies within these subtle differences from the typical method, and these small adjustments can make a big impact that communicates your professionalism and attention to details from your brand to your target audience. These small details can send a message that you hold high value for your brand’s image. Your brand’s identity can attain a more modern feel with an advanced set of aesthetics to boost the confidence of potential customers or clients. So, if you want to attract more attention and add more value to your marketing strategy, a web 2.0 logo design provides a great way to revamp your business’s image.

How to Get Started

Get started on making your logo into a web 2.0 logo example by figuring out what goes well with your website, or other venues of marketing that will display your logo design. As with any creative aspect of marketing, brainstorming and experimenting are a must until you find the perfect match for your brand identity that communicates on all plans of advertising. Choosing software that can provide and entertain an extensive amount of ideas makes the process a great deal easier. Some like to use Adobe, while others use Photoshop. Creative Suite is also widely known software for web designing. Softonic also has downloads specific to the process of creating a logo design of this nature.

There are also a number of tutorials and guides to aid you in the process of creating the best web 2.0 logos design possible. These learning tools can also help you decide on what software works best for you and your design process. There are videos on YouTube, forums, blogs, and articles involving this subject matter – a limitless world of possibilities at your fingertips to help you in all steps of the process – be it brainstorming, selecting software, or creation. Once you select software, you can find guides specific to the software so that you have a better idea of navigating the process.

So, are you ready to revamp your brand’s image and identity, and bring your logo into the modern age? Look into the possibilities and start on a basic design, then set off to add the exact details as you see them, and make your logo web 2.0 logo examples with higher quality and crisper visuals.

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  2. John Mery says:

    Nice article to clear the concept why we have to choose web 2.0 logo design tool. You can’t go wrong with simplistic, attention-grabbing, easy to use navigation. Imagine a site with three tabs along the top, each pointing to the major sections of the site. Compare that to a site with a sidebar filled with twenty-seven links. Which do you think is better? If you can simplify your navigation without sacrificing ease of use, it’s definitely a good idea.

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