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World’s Top 10 Most Successful Logo Designers

April 1, 2014 Obi

Designing a logo requires an exceptional eye for detail, a creative soul, a genuine passion for building brands and relentless focus on simplicity. Some of the most memorable logos have stood the test of time, and refused to be barred by cultural, regional or linguistic barriers. The world has seen a handful of visual visionaries, who have given us many of the iconic corporate logos that we take for granted.
Without further ado, here’s our list―represented in a non- ascending or non-descending fashion―of the top 10 most celebrated graphic designers in modern history.

The List: Top 10 Successful Logo Designers


1: Paul Rand

Peretz Rosenbaum, better known as, Paul Rand, was one of the most esteemed ‘logo designers’ of his time. IBM, ABC, Cummins Engine, UPS and many others owe their respects to this man for creating iconic logos for them. Besides being a graphic design and art expert, Paul was exceptionally good at convincing clients that his logos will represent their business, product or service very well.


2: Milton Glaser

I ♥ NY, seen this somewhere? Probably everywhere. This design was conceived by the prolific graphic designer, Milton Glaser. His other contemporary works include a Bob Dylan poster and the 1976 DC Comics logo, popularly known as “DC Bullet.” He was awarded a National medal of Arts in 2009. His legacy is carried forward by his company, Milton Glaser Inc.


3: Alan Fetcher

Highly regarded by his peers, Alan was a highly respected designer of his time, with a diverse portfolio consisting of distinguished logos for Victoria and Albert Museum, Institute of Directors and Reuters. Alan was a co-founder of Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, along with Colin Forbes and Bob Gill. Alan passed away in 2006.


4: Walter Landor

Walter was an innovator in the field of logo designing and a respected authority on branding. In 1941, he found Landor Associates, which later became part of the largest advertising company, WPP Plc. FedEx, Levi Strauss, General Electric are some of the famous logos he designed in his heydays. Landor left this world in 1995.


5: Ruth Kedar

The search engine giant Google owes its iconic logo to Ruth Kedar. In 1994, she cofounded Art.Net, a virtual which has more than 450 creative artists, musicians and poets around the world. She was one of the few handpicked by Adobe to work on Adobe Deck. To go with her unique talents, she has received many awards in the field of design.


6: Bob Gills

Bob Gills has worked closely with some of the most renowned brands such as Pirelli, Nestlé, CBS and Universal Pictures, and has helped them with their design and branding endeavors. He also wrote and designed BeetleMania, one of the largest multimedia musicals on Broadway. He has also worked on Graphic Design: Visual Comparisons.


7: Wally Olins

Delivering his expertise on branding and communication to stalwarts of the corporate world like Renault, Volkswagen, Tata and Lloyd’s of London, Wally Olins is the Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants. Wally has received numerous awards and recognition on this basis of his prowess in branding and design. He is also an author, and his books have sold more than 25,000 copies.


8: Chermayeff and Geismar

Chermayeff and Geismar is an eminent branding and graphic design firm established in 1957 by two Yale graduates. It has a vibrant and successful portfolio which includes the likes of Barneys New York, The Museum of Modern Art, Xerox, NBC, Cornell University, National Geographic, State Farm Insurance. The gentlemen behind the firm, Ivan Chermayeff and Thomas Geismar, won the AIGA medal in 1979 for their creative services.


9: Saul Bass

Some of America’s most iconic logos were incarnations of Saul Bass. His works include the AT&T globe, United Airlines corporate logo, Continental Airlines logo, and the iconic Quaker Oats logo. His designs have stood the test of time, and have served as hallmarks of their respective brands for years. He is also an Academy Award winning filmmaker.


10: Herbert Lubalin

Designer of the typeface “ITC AVANT GARDE”, Herbert was a well known American Graphic designer. His creative gifts were best visible when he teamed up with Ralph Ginzburg to design covers for Ralph’s three publications, Eros, Facts and Avant Garde. Their work on the Avant Garde magazine let to the design, publication and ubiquity of the Avant Garde typeface.

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