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July 27, 2013 Kale

I always used to think the same thing. I own a restaurant in downtown. I hated the concept of having some kind of picture attached with every document I sent out to my customers. Therefore, initially I just kept it simple and had my restaurant’s name printed on the menu and door with simple font style. The business was fine. I believed strongly in keeping the customers satisfied and happy so it was an achievement that whoever used to come loved the food we served there.
Was something not right?
It was becoming more of an enigma to me that why weren’t the customers returning back when they promised to do so and loved my food so much!   I was really worried and one day I discussed it with a friend who also owns a small shop nearby. He advised me to have a custom logo designed for my restaurant. He told me that it is a well known fact that people tend to remember the pictures and images far more and for a far greater duration than simple writing.
Should I spend my money on logo designing? I wondered?
I was desperate, but I dint want to spend a lot of money on such a silly thing, so I hired a local logo designer and asked him to make one for me. Without asking another question he made some designs in an hour or two. I selected one of them and got it printed on my door, menu and visiting cards and sat back in anticipation. One week went by and nothing happened. I was restless but my friend kept asking me to wait just a little longer. So I waited though to tell you the truth I was losing hope. However, things started to change from the mid of the next week when I started to notice some old customers! This was great, but I kept my anticipation in check. From the next week I could see more returning faces! I was overjoyed! The returning customers paid me 100 times more than the cost of making a logo!
Did this little success made me spend more?
I went to my friend and thanked him a lot. Of course, I laughed at my own earlier stupidity too, but it was a good day. We celebrated our success. Later, he asked me to go a step further and get a more customized logo from a professional logo designer. He informed me that a custom logo will not only help in retaining the old customers but also to attract new ones. I was happy; the business was steady, so I thought to take some risk and contacted a professional logo designer who was much acclaimed for his talent. He asked me so many questions! I still can’t forget how I was struggling to answer him.
It was like he knew about my company more than I did. It was a very amazing experience. He knew exactly what I wanted and why I would need it. The final logo that he presented was fabulous! It was not only very eye catching, but in one glance provided the customer with all relevant information about my restaurant! Within a week new customers started to pour in like water and then I realized how important it is to have a custom logo design! I wish I had done it earlier but I am happy I still did it, better late than never!

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  1. sammymccray says:

    Admiring the commitment you put into your website and in depth information you provide.
    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material.

  2. Carolina W. Rollins says:

    The intent of this article is to help guide individuals and businesses navigate the potential minefield of hiring a professional logo designer. For fellow designers wanting to identify how to better market their skills to clients, this post should provide some useful tips.

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