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There are numerous features throughout the state of Hawaii that will help to attribute your business with the state. The state of Hawaii is known as one of the main exporter of pineapple having unique shape and texture. Hawaii also exports coffee, macadamia nuts, sugar cane and flowers. You can incorporate all these natural elements in your logo designing projects which will bring credibility to your Hawaii logo designs. All of the major agricultural components are the source of Hawaiian economy. Restaurants, grocery stores and other food enterprises can easily incorporate these graphics in their logos and grab client attention. Consumers will recognize these features and they will give you a source of credibility. 

The state of Hawaii is also famous for their unique traditions and customs. Most of the populations of Hawaii are Polynesian. They have a few unique customs such as placing leis over the heads of special people or for special occasions which is designed using beautiful flowers. These flowers act as an excellent source for a Hawaiian logo design. These flowers can also be used in Hawaiian shirts and other Hawaiian logo designs.