Montana Logo Design

Montana Logo Design

There are a lot of symbols and features in the state of Montana that will enable an organization a business to relate to it and design a good brand and organizational logo. The most prominent of these features include the Rocky Mountains and the Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. A lot of tourists visit these parks annually. 

The official symbol of the Glacier National Park is the mountain goat. This park has twelve a total of 712 lakes, each with beautiful colors by the minerals present in their waters. Additionally there are also about two hundred waterfalls in this park.

The famous Yellowstone National park houses many animals like grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elks. This fame of this park is attributed to the Old Faithful Geyser. Other aquatic features of the Yellowstone National Park include boiling pools, prismatic springs, and the morning glory pool. These pools consist of a blend of various beautiful colors like light blues, turquoise, green, yellow, red, and orange.

Montana is chiefly an agricultural, lumber, and mineral extraction state. Its main agricultural products are wheat, barley, sugar beets, oats, rye, seed potatoes, honey, cherries, cattle, and sheep ranching. The main minerals include gold, coal, silver, talc, and vermiculite.

Combining the colors and symbols of state of Montana would make it very convenient to design a good corporate brand and logo. Moreover, it would be very easy to convey that a business is based in this state and related well to it.