Nebraska Logo Design

Nebraska Logo Design

There are a myriad of features and symbols throughout the state of Nebraska that a business can use for creating its brand and logo. The most prominent among these are the Great Plains and desserts of the state. The slogan used for attracting tourists to Nebraska is “Where the West Begins”. 

The economy of Nebraska is based mainly on its production of beef, pork, corn, and soy beans.  Other industries here consist of freight transport, manufacturing, insurance, information technology, and telecommunications. The prairies of the state have been turned into cattle ranches and farm.

There are also some very interesting facts attributed to the state of Nebraska. Kool-Aid was here in 1927, by Edwin Perkins. The state also boasts the most rivers in all of the United States of America. The Vise-Group was created here, and the Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska has the capacity to accommodate more than 80,000 people. 

The state colors of Nebraska are very natural and beautiful. A lot of vacationers are attracted to its deserts, and very unique sand and red clay dirt can be found in the western area of the state.  Little Bluestem is the state grass of Nebraska, and it lends a very beautiful green and blue shade to the prairies.

Through combining the features, symbols, and colors of Nebraska, local businesses can conveniently create very good corporate brand and logos, conveying that they relate well to the state where they are based.