New Jersey Logo Design

New Jersey Logo Design

The state of New Jersey boasts a lot of diversity, as it is home to many ethnic people like Jews, Muslims, Italian-American, African-American, Hispanics, Arabs, and Asian. One may say that it is a melting pot of different cultures, and a business can pick from several ideas in designing its brand and logo.

The main agricultural products of New Jersey are cranberries and egg plants. Other products include, horses, nursery stock, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seafood, and dairy. New Jersey is known as the blueberry capital of the world, and its economy is also significantly dependent on the production of chemicals. There are a large number of oil refineries as well, and plenty of pharmaceutical industries are also based there.

There are five major league teams that originate from New Jersey, including two football teams and a soccer team. New Jersey is also home to the New Jersey Nuts and the New Jersey Devils, and there are also several prominent colleges and universities, such as Princeton, Rutgers, and DeVry. 

A lot of modern inventions have also taken place in New Jersey, including the FM radio, the motion picture camera, the lithium battery, the light bulb, transistors, and the electric train. In short then, there is no dearth of ideas for creating corporate brands and logos that are representative of the fact that a business is based in New Jersey.