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What Will You Get From LogoOnlinePros:


After completion and approval of your customized logo design, you will receive all files via email. A CD can also be shipped directly to your doorstep if necessary (free, with purchase of some selected packages) and will arrive within 14 days upon completion of your customized logo design. You will also receive your finalized logo with 6 digital formats including gif, jpg, eps, psd, ai,  png (regular and curved).

AI drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator create vector graphics, made of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors. A vector graphic is resolution-independent - that is, it can be scaled to any size and printed on any output device at any resolution without losing its detail or clarity.

EPS file format can contain both vector and bitmap graphics.

PSD drawing programs such as Adobe Photoshop create raster graphics, made of layers. A Photoshop graphic is used to make professional standard DVDs and provide non-linear editing and special effects services, such as backgrounds, textures, and so on, for television, film, and the web.

GIF images are great for creating very low resolution files for your website. They support transparency, which is great. Transparency allows you to place the gif over any color background or even photos, and you won’t see a border or background in the image.

JPEG files can be relatively small in size, but they still look crisp and beautiful. Jpegs support up to 16.7 million colors, which makes them the right choice for complex images and photographs. With the wide range of colors, you can have beautiful imagery without a bulky file size.

PNG files were developed to build upon the purpose of gifs. Designers need the ability to incorporate low-resolution images that load quickly but also look great, too. This is where PNG comes in. PNG transparency is different from Gif transparency, because they can have different levels of transparency.

Now your new logo is ready to use for every marketing application out there. ALL THE RIGHTS will be yours on logo design and logo artwork which is created by the Logo Online Pros Team. We do not hold any rights for the logo design for your business. You are free to trademark or register your unique pieces of art with whomever you wish.